Pest analysis mutual fund industry

There have always been features in the relationship that were designed to produce such an alignment. It includes government regulations or any defined rules for that particular industry or business.

Currently there are 34 Mutual Fund organizations in India managing 1,02, crores. Inits size was Rs. Driven by a growing desire on the part of these investors to maximize control over their investment portfolio, managers who are emerging or who operate Read More May 25th, Filed under: It gauges the economic environment by studying factors in the macro economy such as interest rates, economic growth, exchange rate as well as inflation rate.

Once these factors are analysed organisations can take better business decisions. As on august endthere were 33 Funds with schemes and assets under management with Rs 1, 02, crores. It includes government regulations or any defined rules for that particular industry or business.

Data is included on It has generally been observed that as the GDP. Several private sectors Mutual Funds were launched in and Topics discussed include forecasts for the market tomarket value and segmentation inand macroeconomic indicators from to Now investors have a wide range of Schemes to choose from depending on their individual profiles.

The share of the private players has risen rapidly since then. It involves understanding factors which are related to technological advancements, rate at which technology gets obsolete Example: The first phase was between and and the only player was the Unit Trust of India, which had a total asset of Rs.

Increase assets under management and reduce redemptions — predictive scoring highlights financial advisors who are most likely to buy or redeem in the near future, allowing sales teams and marketing professionals to target accounts strategically and either sell additional product or reduce redemptions.

It includes study of population growth, age distribution, career attitude, etc. For allocators seeking to achieve stable returns in a difficult investing environment, Read More Apr 24th, Filed under: Integrated within CRM, or delivered through a business-friendly on-demand web portal, FundGUARD also produces insightful dashboards and actionable reports that help drive adoption.

Let's study each individual factor of PEST analysis in detail. The products of Pepsi are influenced by the raw material yield being used in the soft drinks, juices, etc. PEST analysis helps in making strategic business decisions, planning marketing activities, product development and research.

The Netherlands has to depend on other countries for food because the Netherlands has very low agriculture productivity. Liberty Mutual Holding Company Inc.

The Indian mutual funds industry is witnessing a rapid growth as a result of infrastructural development, increase in personal financial assets, and rise in foreign participation. An overview of the company is given, along with key facts including contact information, number of employees and revenues.

Pest Analysis

The Netherlands government is focusing on tax reforms, which will encourage the consumer spending and move the economy toward an externally sustainable path. Among developed world mandates, North American hedge funds were up 1. Role of women and men in the society. For example, a fund specializing in high-yield junk bonds is much more risky than a fund that invests in government securities.

The economic impacts of such movements are serious because these affect the growth. The third phase began with the entry of private and foreign sectors in the Mutual Fund industry in. FundPicker makes mutual fund selection super-convenient.

With more than 50 filters, an advanced super-fast mutual fund screener and different views, mutual fund selection is now a cake walk. Selecting best mutual funds, In-depth Mutual Fund Analysis - FUNDPICKER.

Industry Data Analysis. Industry Trends (At a broad level) T15 v/s B15 (Current v/s start of FY) Folio & Ticket Size (Latest quarterly data) Individual Investors. Indian Mutual Fund Industry: The Road Ahead 9 Acquisition of individual investors has typically been done through the distributor network, and around 60% of total assets are garnered through this route.

Performance of ETFs and Index Funds: a comparative analysis Prepared by Professor, Department of Management Studies Indian Institute of Technology, Madras March 1 Performance of ETFs and Index Funds: a comparative analysis Prepared by S.

Narend* monopoly in the mutual fund business and the next mutual fund—the SBI Mutual Fund—was. PEST Analysis is a measurement tool that is used to evaluate the markets of a particular product or business within a given time frame.

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PEST stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological Factors. The allegations of malfeasance in the investment management industry - market timing, late trading, revenue sharing, and several others - involve a broad range of mutual fund operations.

Pest analysis mutual fund industry
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