How to write aunt in polish ciocia

I loved the list of words and expressions for menstruation - 'BUS' is my favourite and I have decided to appropriate it for myself with a variation: Great site," writes the contributor. Many folks have submitted one of these three variations.

And we need 'Band-Aids' when it gets here. Admittedly, it is a seldom used term, however, a lot of genteel-sounding language is not really used these days. Our gym teacher physical education was a nice lady named Miss Fisher.

They also used the biblical 'custom of women' so an older woman might be described as no longer having the custom of women, for example. That whole side of the family is English or Scots, so I'm assuming it's a regional thing.

When I left the bathroom my husband went in to urinate and started yelling 'Dead rat, dead rat.

What is the correct pronunciation of Ciocia, the Polish form of Aunt?

Needless to say, polite people didn't. Sex on day one - ok, day four - ok, day two or three A personal story that I'll never forget happened when I was 13, in the early s. I'm definitely sure of it -- but I've only 'heard' it online, mostly from blogging friends.

Be sure to use plain water on other plants for comparing the difference.

I'm 39, white and in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Contributed again in March Bleeding the lining of my uterus through my sexual organs. I thought you might be interested in what my friends and I call our 'times of the month.

After Steven King's novel ," writes the contributor. One who currently lives in California, but has also lived in D. Jun 25,  · Best Answer: Ciocia = chiOchia - you have to pronounce "ch" very softy.

How do you say

The stress is on the capital Resolved. Words and expressions for menstruation around the world Send contributions from any culture and language! Write as much as you know about the words, including who uses it (women and/or men), where used, origin, etc.


The Award-Winning Searchable Database of Indexes to Jewish Records of Poland JRI-Poland is an independent non-profit tax-exempt organization under Section (c)(3) of. Sep 29,  · Ciocia (sounds more or less like "cho-cha" is definitely the formal version.

The children in orphanages are usually taught to call female caretakers "ciocia" or "aunt" and that's what our daughters call our adult Polish female neighbors. Other Polish children often call other female adults that as a form of respect as well.

Please find below many ways to say aunt in different languages. This is the translation of the word "aunt" to over 80 other languages. Mar 12,  · Ciotka (ciocia) and wujek There is also obsolete (more or less, depending the region of Poland) forms: stryj and stryjenka.

BUT these are not equal to wujek/ciocia. Wujek is our parent brother, while stryj is our parent sister's husband. Ciotka is our parent sister, while .

How to write aunt in polish ciocia
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