How to write abbreviate million dollars

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mm and million

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KEUR (Kilo Euro)

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

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How do you abbreviate million? m? M? MM?

I tuned out there. Her flight leaves at 6: However, the purpose is somewhat similar. There is one slash on his arm which he gave himself stitches for, and I was thinking that he could lie to a doctor later and get it done properly. Oct 27,  · Yes, you can post "MM" as an abbreviation for "million".

MM is a pretty standard abbreviation for Million. It comes from Latin "Mille" meaning "thousand", so MM is a "thousand thousands" which equals one million.

Recipes Butterbeer Cupcakes. Accio Cupcakes! Look at these Butterbeer Cupcakes! The Harry Potter geek in me is freaking out! I haven’t had this much fun making, styling, and photographing a. Feb 16,  · Purpose of Form. Use Form to request an automatic extension of time to file certain business income tax, information, and other returns.

The extension will be granted if you complete Form properly, make a proper estimate of the tax (if applicable), file Form by the due date of the return to which the extension is requested, and pay any tax that is due. In metric, you'd use M (mega) for million, G (giga) for billion and T (tera) for trillion.

The only financial specific similar abbreviation I can find is MM for million (financial notation, according to wikipedia). Image created by Robert A. Rohde / Global Warming Art 5 million years of cooling.

The last five million years of climate change is shown in the next graph based on work by Lisiecki and Raymo in [2]. - 2 - This style guide is intended for use by all Provincial Government communicators.

It is a companion document to the Communications Reference Manual.

How to write abbreviate million dollars
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