How to write a written statement of defence and counter

And remember, you must do this within 28 days of the date that you were served with the plaintiff's claim. For each of the allegations in the statement of claim, you must say whether the allegation is: Once you have understood the format of the statement of defense, read the claim against you again and develop a general strategy.

Writing one of these letters is relatively simple. Collect any documentation that supports your case such as correspondence, documentation and receipts.

Step 5 Attach supporting documents to the defense statement that support your defense and dispute what the plaintiff is alleging against you. End the letter strongly as well. Show how your actions were not in violation of the law. That is how the situation has come about that it has become more about how to survive and play in a drama.

Else they may think that you are scared OR you want to beg and bring wife back, which never works in practice anyway as explained in the main Advice to men post.

It is also good to have someone else read it as well.


Make it quick, but thorough and to the point. Free membership was thereafter withdrawn. In most court proceedings, personal statements must be made in affidavit form, signed under penalty of perjury.

OR Deny all N allegations and also include our own statements in between, thus maintaining a chronological order of statements. You may be denying your presence at the scene of an alleged crime or denying that you committed a certain offence. You can often admit a lot of the allegations in a Statement of Claim and still draft a successful Defence.

Many lawyers will suggest in beginning to focus only on denial and defending to steer towards C-word basicallybut I tend to disagree because if the cases actually go to evidence and full trial, not having made any allegations in the objection statement may create a disconnect and a disadvantage.

Procedure when party fails to present written statement called for by Court. You are required to file your Defence along with your notice of intention to defend in the same court registry where the plaintiff's claim has been filed.

As aforementioned the Defendant did not have sight of the Constitution at the time of signing the Contract. This form lets the plaintiff know that you intend to resist their claim.

Written Statement to the Court Every court action involves written documents presented by the parties to a case, including petitions, pleadings, motions and appeals. This relates to production by both the parties, the Plaintiff and the Defendant. Where a defendant sets up a counter claim and the plaintiff contends that the claim thereby raised ought not to be disposed of by way of counter claim but in an independent suit, the plaintiff may, at any time before issues are settled in relation to the counter claim, apply to the court for an Order that such counter claim may be excluded, and the court may, on the hearing of such application make such Order as it thinks fit 6D.

The suit must be one for the recovery of money. The Statement of Claim should be drafted as a series of numbered paragraphs, sometimes with sub-paragraphs.

Write clearly and concisely. If the plaintiff makes default in putting in a reply to the counter claim made by the defendant, the Court may pronounce judgment against the plaintiff in relation to the counter claim made against him, or make such Order in relation to the counter claim as it thinks fit 6F.

Informal Statement for the Court In some court cases, judges allow witnesses and even parties to a court case to present informal written statements. To make your defence easy to read, and to help ensure you respond to all of the paragraphs, you can respond to each paragraph in turn using the same numbering as in the statement of claim.

Make sure you keep a copy of the Defence for your own future reference. There may also be particular types of defences that you could be required to particularise, such as the defences of performance of a contract, contributory negligence or waiver to name just a few.

Deny all N allegations serially point-by-point with N statements. Many a time the false petitions of OP contain vague allegations without proper time, dates or even chronological order. It is a written response that answers or replies to specific allegations that have been filed against you in a lawsuit.

At the time of contracting the Defendants were given no explanation of what was meant by timeshare in perpetuity. Making a Statement in Court by Affidavit Affidavit is the legal term for a written statement to the court made under oath.

There is in fact no resale value. If his denial of a fact is not specific but evasive, the said fact shall be taken to be admitted. You must then serve a copy of the Defence on the plaintiff and on any other parties, such as other defendants. In addition the site at Mijas is being reduced by the Claimant, offering reduced enjoyment and benefit of Club Membership.

Alibis can greatly assist your defence. In addition to the statement of defense, you may want to collect additional materials to support your case.

Written Statement to the Court. Every court action involves written documents presented by the parties to a case, including petitions, pleadings, motions and appeals. May 14,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write an Affidavit. Three Parts: Including the Basics Writing the Statement Sample Affidavit Community Q&A An affidavit is a written statement that has been notarized.

If you need an affidavit for a court case or other legal reasons, preparing one is easy if you know the guidelines%(). Check over the statement of defence, and anything you missed or can explain or you may need to counter what they said in their statement of defense, Then put in a amended statement of Claim make sure you include what you disagree on in your “reply to the defence.

Where an objection is being made to proceeding under R. 76, include a statement to this effect in the statement of defence (r. (5)). Include the date, the name of the lawyer who has carriage of the file and the firm address, telephone and fax numbers.

Write a strong beginning statement. The first line will set the tone for the rest of the letter, so it will need to sound confident, professional, and ready to defend yourself.

It is good to let the opposition know that you are not afraid of the charges against you and let them know that you have done your homework. In short you respond to the particulars of claim then have a counter claim. See below a draft: IN THE CARDIFF COUNTY COURT CLAIM NO.

How to Write a Letter to Defend Myself in Court

CF BETWEEN YILMAZ HASSAN Claimant/ Part 20 Defendant and PUSHPINDER PATEL Defendant/Part 20 Claimant DEFENCE AND COUNTERCLAIM DEFENCE 1. Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Particulars of Claim are admitted.

How to write a written statement of defence and counter
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