How to apply first aid

Summary Some knowledge of basic first aid could mean the difference between life and death. This involves consideration of workplace hazards and risks, the size of the organisation and other relevant factors, to determine what first-aid equipment, facilities and personnel should be provided.

Just make sure the thermometer you choose is a non-mercury, non-glass type for obvious reasons. Certain ingredients in some ointments can cause a mild rash in some people.


If a rash appears, stop using the ointment. The offshore medic would normally have responsibility for the sickbay.

Breathing, Bleeding, Burns, and Bones. Preserving life[ edit ] To save a person's life, you need to have an open airway so it makes a clear passage where air can go through the mouth or nose through the pharynx and down into the lungs, without obstruction. They may be designated as a first aider, or use some other title.

This helps avoid infection. The ability to carry out CPR is only limited by the physical capabilities of the person carrying out the procedure.

Apply the same combination to the feet, wrists and back of neck for relaxation or insomnia. If needed, apply gentle pressure with a clean bandage or cloth and elevate the wound until bleeding stops.

First aid kit As well as knowing some basic first aid techniques, it is important that households and workplaces have a first aid kit that meets their needs and is well organised, fully stocked and readily available at all times.

Treating minor burns For minor burns: Apply an antibiotic or petroleum jelly. A combination of ginger and elderberry serve as tincture number 2. There are ways of placing an injured person on their side so that there is very little movement to their spine.

This salve is also not intended for use on cuts, scrapes, or gaping wounds. Homeopathic Remedies There are two homeopathic remedies I use in my kit, especially if hiking. It is important to follow directions when using essential oils, especially if treating children.

This helps take the worry of infection out of helping someone in a life-threatening situation. They are available in many public places, clubs and organisations. It is critical that the candidate demonstrate the ability to effectively do the task outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage the task and manage contingencies in the context of the identified work role This includes the ability to: Training is generally provided by attending a course, typically leading to certification.

Prevent further harm[ edit ] Prevent further harm also sometimes called prevent the condition from worsening, or danger of further injury, this covers both external factors, such as moving a patient away from any cause of harm, and applying first aid techniques to prevent worsening of the condition, such as applying pressure to stop a bleed becoming dangerous.

UPGRADED with valuable medical grade supplies, based on customers' feedback. The kit is optimized for a large variety of injuries and having all the basic first aid items gathered ahead of time will help you handle an emergency at a moment's notice (includes CPR Mask, Instant Ice Pack, Bandaids, Emergency Blanket, Mini Compass, Survival Tools and more).

Applying for merit-based and need-based Federal aid should be your first step when looking into ways of covering your tuition. If you find yourself still coming up short. In accordance with University System of Georgia policy, students admitted to Georgia Tech must verify their lawful presence in the United States prior to thesanfranista.comts in Deferred Action status do not qualify for enrollment based on USG policy.

Nov 20,  · Apply such pressure by placing a hand on the dressing and exerting firm pressure for 5 to 10 minutes. The casualty may be asked to do this himself if he is conscious and can follow instructions.

What is the first step in the first aid of a burn victim? Remove the casualty from the source of the burn. What are the 2 prescribed methods. The law in relation to first aid at work.

First Aid Level 1 (2 days)

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How to apply first aid
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The Portable and Natural First Aid Kit